Puppy Luv Paradise Ltd.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 7am-6pm
Saturdays 9am-4pm

What Are The Benefits Of Attending A Group Class?

  1. Your dog gets undivided attention, one hour per week, for 7 weeks from you.
  2. Socialization with other dogs and people in a safe, controlled environment.
  3. Training that is fun and fair. We shape wanted behaviours by using high value rewards and marker training.
  4. Real life scenarios. We teach dogs to generalize, work through distractions and perform in various environments.
  5. Problem solving and manners. We discuss how to prevent or address unwanted behaviours and our staff is available by phone or email to help answer any questions.
  6. Consistency at home. We constantly encourage our students to incorporate what we learn in class into their every day routine, providing detailed examples of how to do so.
  7. Training that works. After we have given you the tools, we test what we have learned by practicing in a new environment (one out of facility field trip included).

Reward-Based, Balanced Training

We have to communicate clearly and consistently in order for our dogs to grasp what we are asking of them; keeping things very black and white with no grey areas during training.

By using my voice (Yes!) paired with high value rewards to shape wanted behaviours, we can show our dogs what we WANT them to do rather than continually telling them what NOT to do. 

Then, once the dog has a good grasp of what each (verbal or hand) cue means, we gradually build on the difficulty of each task through increasing duration, distance and distractions. 

By allowing our dogs to make mistakes during class (in a safe, controlled environment), we can show them what not to do and reward them for making good choices. 

"Dogs are problem solvers. Every behaviour they offer means ‘I wonder if this will change my current situation'?" -Connie Cleveland

We strongly believe that a dog can only fully understand a command once they have been given the opportunity to problem solve, and understand what did or did not work. 

"I want my dogs to understand what I want from them, and I want them to know how to turn the pressure off. So meaning I have shown them what I expect them to do, I have shown them there’s something in it for them, I have shown them how to turn pressure off, and now I say okay, this is your clear path to getting it right.” -Michael Ellis

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