Puppy Luv Paradise Ltd.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 7am-6pm
Saturdays 9am-4pm

Here it is.
The answer to your crazy, hectic, dog-loving life.

We want our clients to LUV living with dogs!
Through working with puppies early on to give them positive life experiences we can help you achieve your training goals and enhance the relationship between family and dog!

Why your puppy needs our FastTrack program:

We are setting you, your family and your dog up for life.
Time is something you can't get back, and we know you have a busy schedule. It is critical that puppies are trained, socialized and given positive life experiences early on to prevent future behavioural issues, which is exactly why we created this program. 

Our goal is to FastTrack your dogs' learning by exercising, socializing and training them daily while you are at work, providing regular reports on how your pups' training is going, then teaching you how to get the same results we are from your dog during a weekly group obedience class and through a private training session with your family.

“The Handler’s Responsibility is to train with confidence and handle with clarity. The dog’s Responsibility is ‘do as you have been trained’.” - Susan Garrett