Puppy Luv Paradise Ltd.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 7am-6pm
Saturdays 9am-4pm

FastTrack Play & Train: Program Outline

    • Daycare for a set amount of days each week (option of 12, 18 or 24 day programs)
    • Socialization, house training, encouraging safe play, proper rest & kennel training
    • Regular handling, group training such as Sit and Wait at doors and gates
    • Daycare crafts (paw paintings, etc) to help pups accept regular gentle handling

    • Training videos & photos posted daily to keep you updated on what is practiced
    • Practice in more than one location to teach dogs to generalize environments
    • Treats and toys provided for positive reinforcement and impulse control practice

    • Small group classes (max of 6) to help your family successfully implement what is being taught into your routine at home, and ensure all questions have been answered
    • Dogs are taught common obedience commands and manners
    • 'Proofing' where we set up distractions in a controlled environment and show you how to work through them for each obedience command
    • One hour of uninterrupted Private Training at the PLP facility to focus on anything your heart desires! This can be common problem behaviours like jumping up or mouthing, creating positive associations with the kennel, loose leash heeling or even more advanced obedience work.

    • Regular handling of feet and practice staying on a 'Place' to get puppies used to remaining calm in one location (to better set them up for vet and groomer visits). 
    • Regular nail trims (every two weeks or as needed for the duration of the program)
    • One 'Meet the Groomer' evening during group class where we discuss regular grooming practices according to the individual coats of the dogs, review ways to help your dog become accustomed to being handled for grooming (ex: handling feet for nail trims, brushing teeth) and answer any grooming related questions you may have

    Individualized options and specific areas of focus available!
    (examples: treadmill introduction, confidence building for shy dogs, etc)

    • Through proofing during training sessions, we try to cause mistakes so we can work on fixing them in a controlled environment, and encourage dogs to offer an alternate (wanted) behaviour. 
    • A dog only fully understands a command once they know what doesn’t work, and how they were able to solve the problem (what behaviours led to a reward).

    Obedience Commands:

    • Sit, Stand, Down Positions
    • Focus or Eyes Watch
    • Place Remain on Raised Bed
    • Free or Okay Release
    • Stay Sit & Down
    • Come Recall
    • Loose-leash Heel
    • Focused Heel Eyes w/ Heel
    • Yes! Reward Mark
    • Nope, AhAh No Reward Mark

    Also Includes:
    - Name Recognition
    - Leave It, Take It
    - Out or Drop It
    - Get In or Finish
    - Automatic Sit (in Heel)
    - Waits at Doors
    - Four on the Floor
    - Impulse Control Exercises