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Puppy Luv Paradise Ltd.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 7am-6pm
Saturdays 9am-4pm

Interested in bringing your puppy or dog to daycare?! We would love to meet you!

In order for your dog to attend daycare, we need copies of all up to date vaccinations as recommended by your pets’ veterinarian, require that the dog has been in your care for a minimum of 30 days prior, you will be asked to fill out our daycare registration and waiver form, and your pup must successfully complete a daycare evaluation completed by our Puppy Luv Paradise staff.

Vaccinations & Spay/ Neuter Policy

Our vaccination policy is that all daycare dogs must have their bordetella vaccine (also known as kennel cough), a minimum of two sets distemper/ hepatitis/ lepto/ parvo/ parainfluenza and a rabies vaccine (once old enough) to attend. In order to meet the above requirements, young puppies should be at least 12+ weeks for best immunity, and we ask that dogs be spay or neutered by 8 months of age.

First Day & Evaluation Process

For the first visit, we do an assessment and take our time introducing your pup one at a time on a day that you have pre-booked with us (Monday mornings are the only time we accept new dogs/ book assessments so that the daycare crowd is smaller and not so overwhelming for a new dog). We have two sections (small and large dog), and on days when we have enough attendance we separate out a 3rd section for puppies to play in.

After the assessment if your dog does well and is fine to attend daycare, then you can call to schedule future dates or message the Facebook page during regular business hours.

Hours of Operation

We are open from 7am - 6pm Monday through Friday for daycare, and open 9am - 4pm Saturdays for grooming and walk-in services. We are closed on statutory holidays and long weekends to be with our families.

Our current facility is not set up for overnight boarding, but we do provide information on alternative solutions and businesses in the area upon request. We do not normally offer daycare on Saturdays, however if you are interested in this as a weekend service please let us know as we welcome any and all feedback!


“What if my veterinarian does not recommend spay or neuter until a later age, or that my pet be vaccinated?”

In special cases (ex: senior pets or dogs with heart conditions that cannot be vaccinated), we may request a titre test and/ or letter from your veterinarian before accepting your dog in daycare. If your veterinarian recommends that your dog be spay or neutered at 10+ months or older (ex: you own a large breed dog that takes longer to mature), they can start daycare if they are no older than six months. However, Puppy Luv Paradise reserves the right to discontinue daycare services until after the procedure (spay or neuter) should any problem behaviours associated with an unaltered dog develop (mounting, excessive marking, reactivity etc).